Project delays

Well, I was hoping to have an actual update to post later today or tomorrow.  I actually got started on the project, have the fabric measured out and trimmed up, and boarders marked in.  Had grabbed my thread to do a quick whip stitch along the edges of the fabric to bind them, and then was going to do a quick basting stitch along the boarder so that I could see where it was on the front side of the fabric, then get the first element stitched in.  But…  I can’t find my embroidery scissors!  I know I had them when I was working up a sample of one of the patterns, but I can’t find them now.  I thought I had set them aside with my currently very meager embroidery supplies, but they weren’t in the bag that I’m using.  I can’t find them anywhere around where the bag was resting for a couple of months.  They have simply vanished.  I think I’ll blame their disappearance on that pesky gremlin that seems to like to steal anything I’m wanting to use.

As it is, I’m actually at a good point to get a picture of the fabric, with the boarders marked in, put up, to give an idea of the overall size of the project I’ll be working with.  This will be the largest embroidery item I’ve ever worked on to date.  Until this pillow, everything has measured no more about 8 inches to a side.  It’s a bit intimidating, yes.  But also exciting.  I’m glad that I’m able to break it up into smaller pieces and can work on one element at a time.  That should make it a lot easier to work with, and hopefully won’t leave me feeling so overwhelmed on everything.

In the mean time, I’m going to keep fuming, and looking for, my missing scissors.  Nothing is more frustrating than being able to sit down and finish up the prep work on a project, or start the project, and not being able to take that next step because you’re missing a key supply item.


Here’s the fabric I’m working with, approximately 20 inches to a side, with a working area of 18 inches (to allow for seam allowance and extra fabric before the design actually begins).  The lines marked within the fabric are to indicate where the working space of the project will be.  This will give me a clear boarder to start the designs at, as well as keep me within the working space.  I would hate to have a beautifully done design, only to have a portion cut off as it gets sewn onto the pillow backing.




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